Shop Everywhere provides shortcode with structure below :

[shop_everywhere cat_box=1 sort_box=1 reset_button=1 columns=4 rows=4 cat_level=0 cat_default=1 hide_empty=1 cat_tree=1]

Shortcode Attributes:

  • cat_box – Show categories select box. The default is 1 which will show categories select box. Set to 0 to hide categories select box.
  • cat_default – The default is 1 which will show default(uncategorized) categories. Set to 0 to hide default(uncategorized) categories
  • hide_empty – The default is 1 which will hide empty categories. Set to 0 to show empty categories.
  • cat_level – Display the categories by level. The default is 0 which will show all categories. Level of categories will automatically load.
  • cat_tree – Display the categories in a hierarchical structure. The default is 1.
  • reset_button – Show reset button. The default is 1 which will show reset button. Set to 0 to hide reset button.
  • sort_box – Show search sort by box. The default is 1 which will show sort by box. Set to 0 to hide sort by box.
  • columns – The number of columns to display. Defaults to 3
  • rows – Number of row per page. Defaults to 3

You can add shortcode to page or post on editor.

if use [shop_everywhere] it will get default settings of plugin in backend.