OnSale Products Block

With On Sale Products Block you can put WooCommerce On Sale products in every where on page or post , it support multi rows , columns, products show as carousel, fully responsive, customize anything : loading icon, product template, css, pagination , navigation , auto play , ….

How to add block to post/page ?

You go to Backend >> Edit/Add New Post/Page >> Click to Add New Block >> select Jmsthemes Blocks Tab >> Choose On Sale Products Block

After choose On Sale Products Block, you can set options for it on right sidebar. Following All Setting for it

Layout Settings

  • Total items to show : Total number of products to show.
  • Products per Row : Number of column in grid.
  • Number of Rows: Number of rows in grid.
  • Margin Right on item
  • Side by Page: If set carousel will slide by page instead of columns.
  • Loop Slider : Slider will loop.
  • Rewind Slider : Go backwards when the boundary has reached.
  • Pagination : Show/Hide Pagination.
  • Navigation : Show/Hide Navigation.
  • Auto Play : Slider Auto play

Responsive Setting

This is all setting for responsive

  • Items in Desktop : number of products show on desktop.
  • Items in Table : number of products show on table.
  • Items in Mobile : number of products show on mobile.

Advanced Setting

  • Use Custom tpl : Default it will use standard product box template from active theme or woocommerce (content-product.php) but if you want it show another template you set for Use Custom tpl to Yes then enter new template file name, it will get template from new file.
  • Loading : It supports 9 loading icons, you can choose one from them.
  • Additional Css ID : Add ID for block.
  • Additional Css ID : Add Class for block.